Monday, March 20, 2006

Apologies all around

Despite my concerns noted in last night's post, the boy was pretty darn pleasant this morning. He started to wake up and call out for me in the pre-civilization hours (i.e. before 7 a.m.), but I ignored him (YEAH, that's right! I ignored my own son calling out in the dark for his Mommy. What of it?). He took no answer for an answer and chilled out in his crib for a little while longer and we were both the better for it. When we got up a few minutes later (really, it could have been hours [shrug]), safely into the 7 o'clock hour, we were doing alright. I served up a healthy breakfast of cranberry white chocolate scone and denied his request for icing (that's ice cream to those of us with a mouth full of teeth). He had a little milk and then sat in my lap...looking through the Sunday circulars for pictures of.... what else? Vacuum cleaners.

We got to school at a reasonable hour and were none too worse for wear (sure there was a little crying, but when isn't there?). So for doubting you, boy-o, I apologize.

Later this morning, I got a call from my mom. Because I was busy, I didn't pick up, but the voicemail told me everything I needed to know. My mom has been asking for pictures of the boy so that when my dad goes to the motherland this weekend, she could send portraits of him to the relatives there. I swore I'd already sent most of my school pic stash, but my mom swore she had none. Well, it turns out that she did have the pictures (you see...they weren't in an envelope as she was expecting... they were in a small plastic bag and ... well... who puts pictures in a plastic bag anyway? ehem... that was your idea, Mom) and was apologizing for not finding them sooner ... or something. Mystery solved. Apology accepted.

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