Saturday, April 08, 2006

Someday I make noise

Yesterday, just before we put our son to bed, the man hung some new shades. We have been waiting to pull the wrapping paper off our family room windows for months. Really!

So, the man got his drill and went to work. The boy was, of course, fascinated. He even got his own drill and "helped." At one point in the evening, the boy declared (much to our shock)
Daddy make noise. Someday, [his name] make noise.


  1. .....i'm rolling my eyes at you.......whatugonnadonow?

  2. What floored me was that he said "I" and not "Noah". He has never used "I" before, let alone made a sentence like that.

  3. Oberon, you wither me with you monstrous eye rolling. I cower...

    Thank you, reader #2! BTW, dig your shot of the woman smoking amidst rumpled sheets.