Sunday, April 04, 2010

Eva's Day

I want to mark this day in some way. I want to parent her, so these rituals are a proxy for holding her, raising her. I had wanted to have this finished last year, but couldn't. I fell to pieces each time I tried. This year, I could face this project and finally finish it, though seeing the picture of my husband reading Goodnight Moon to Eva just about guts me.


  1. It's beautiful. And very, very sad.

  2. Beautiful girl. I'm just so sorry. So sorry that Eva's story didn't have a different ending.

    I can see why it was so difficult to finish this project. Thinking of you and your family today xo

  3. Beautiful. Thinking of all of you today. With love.

  4. Thinking of your precious Eva today.

  5. Beautiful. Thinking of you and Eva and wishing you love.

  6. Audrey,
    I just came over here from Still Life. My firstborn, Dylan, was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Right Heart, so I know how rare a baby Eva was! She is absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing your precious daughter,
    Kat @ In Dylan's Memory