Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 1 - Song

Everything on VH1's tiny rotation during the time I was in the hospital (Dec 06 to March 07) brings me right back to that place of uncertainty, that feeling of free fall, particularly "Read My Mind" by The Killers. It is one of the few songs, paradoxically, that I grew to like, though. Even after, we sang that one to cheer ourselves up. My son, 3 at the time, always sang along. I am so grateful for those impromptu karaoke dance parties.

For me, it is generally snippets of songs, or rather it is the longing in so many songs. Every other longing, despite the fact that is usually of the romantic kind, is the longing I feel. 

It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me, but my darling when I think of thee.
From "Leaving of Liverpool" No idea who wrote it

When I was sure you'd follow through,
My world was turned to blue.

When you'd hide
your songs would die,
so I'd hide yours with mine. 

From "Fair" by Remy Zero

Birds may be singing
In my eyes this day;
Sweet flowers may blossom when i smile;
My soul is stormy
And my heart blows wild;
My sweet heart rides a ship at sea.

From "Birds and Ships" Lyrics by Woody Guthrie. Sung by Natalie Merchant on Mermaid Avenue

But THE song is Amen Omen by Ben Harper. It is the song I used when I made a montage for Eva.

Can I find a place within to live my life without you? 

Gah! That line alone gets me. Crap. Can't I just go back to telling embarrassing stories about myself?

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  1. I love the album that Amen Omen comes from and I always think of your Eva when I hear that song now. I actually saw Ben Harper sing live whilst I was still pregnant with my twins, I hope that they heard him singing, I think they would have been nearly big enough. And yes, that line . . .

    I don't know who wrote the Leaving Of Liverpool but we used to sing it at school. It's heart wrenching actually, I've never really noticed before. What a sad little tune. I wonder why they thought it was a nice song for children to sing?