Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Cancer

I know now that Eva's death will be my slow metastasizing cancer. It will be my undoing. What started on April 4th and what will finally end when I do. That's what this pain feels like. That's what I fear I am becoming. I walk through every day deadened by this pain. I think thoughts that eventually lead me back to the chair I sat in while holding Eva's dead body. I marvel at the person who went through 29 days in a blind rush and panic from one child to the next, hoping to give each one his or her due. Eva will never fucking get her due. I should have been with her every moment she was alive. Would it have many any difference in the duration of her life? I wish I could just understand why she died.

I want to tear my eyes out, but mainly I want to carve holes into my left arm for Eva. For the side of my body she lived in. Should I have waited to deliver? Why did she arrest on the operating table? Did someone's negligence cause her death? If they'd given her anticoagulants on April 3rd, would she be alive today?

At so many moments her course could have changed. At so many moments she clung to life by a thread. So we shouldn't have been surprised when she died. But we were.

I'm disgusted with myself for writing this pity party like a goddamn teenager.

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