Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life is for the Living

And today, the boy marks the end of his 4th year on "Earf," as he would say. He's a smart and funny kid. He is high-strung, energetic and naughty. His memory is crazy. And he's quite intuitive. Last night he was hitting his head a little with the heel of his hand, as (I admit sheepishly) I have done out of frustration a few times. Yes, I am totally batshit, but that's another post. We asked him about what he was doing and he said, "Mom does this when she's very upset." and we probed him further for how he feels about that. He replied, "I feel very sorry for Mom."

Well, last year the boy's birthday party was a few weak cupcakes eaten in my hospital room and if that doesn't suck, I don't know what does. So this year....

Fancy-pants cupcakes from a bakery in a superhero theme at school. Thereafter, we'll be painting t-shirts. He will then be taken out to dinner at a restaurant of his choice. He chose Red Ro.bin. At some point, he'll get his present from us, a digital camera and when we get home, he'll hopefully see a big box on the doorstep -- a new blue electric guitar. And, on Saturday, we'll have a dinosaur-themed party at home. Unfortunately it will be mostly grown-ups and babies, but so be it. I hope it will be a birthday worth keeping in that steel-trap of a brain he's got.

We're all about onward and upward.

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