Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Days

Saturday, January 19th, was a big day for the girl. Her first tooth finally broke through (beating her brother by 7 months). She finally figured out how to crawl forward on her knees to where she'd actually like to go. And, she went to her first Hoyas basketball game. It was not her first sporting event. That was a minor league baseball game in September. But our annual Hoyas game is a tradition that we enjoy. And she lasted almost through the whole game. We have yet to make it to the bitter end...

The girl started daycare full time today. After weeks and weeks of looking for a nanny, we finally accepted the fact that we needed to expand our search. We found Ms. E and her home daycare. She has 3 other kids -- her daughter and two siblings. I hope the girl does well there, but I suspect that we will be the disease vector, not the other kids. We'll just have to see. I hope perhaps we make it until the girl can go to Win.wood. Otherwise, we may have to go back to the drawing board.

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